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Cuttysark Nautical Antiques has a wide selection of nautical items. The store's owner Roger Ottenbach or one of his deck hands would love to share the stories and history of many of the items you'll find in our store. If you don't see what you need or want, just ask, we can probably locate what you want even if it's not currently in stock.


Lighting fixtures from ships, either interior or exterior are probably the most effective way to add a nautical touch to an area.  Most of our lights or lanterns are real and have served their time aboard.  We also carry a full line of new nautical-style brass (and some chrome) fixtures.  Many of our new lights are shipped to us from Italy, Denmark, Holland and Canada and quite a few of them are available as oil lamps.  We think the old lanterns look great when wired for low wattage electric bulbs.  If a favorite is not wired, we can usually do the work for a low fee.

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